Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Onboard the Vindöga

We're sailing back to Stavsnäs right now, online through the miracle of wireless broadband. There are six of us on the boat right now.

Last night was great; we slept perfectly. It wasn't sunny this morning, however. We cleaned up the house and checked the subway map for our afternoon jaunt to Kakelspecialisten to check out bathroom details. Then we'll see Margaret and head back to Marcia and Rutger for the evening.

The highlight of the morning was seeing Janne; he took the morning boat in, so he stopped by for 20 minutes before we had to go. He still had his Florida tan, too! We talked about details for the stairs and the water installation. Sooz really wants the water to be in by Easter but that's going to be a push, I fear.

More later and be sure to check out the photos in the webgallery. I may upload more during my bus ride...

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