Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday shopping

After an entertaining evening of the first round of the Melodifestival, we dragged Marcia, Rutger, and Camille along on a festival of shopping today. I think we made good progress on deciding everything but the bathroom, there are just too many final choices to make over tiles and fixtures, etc. But we've gained lots of good ideas so we hope we can get further along tomorrow when we're at the house.

Tommy also plans to see us when we're there so that should help the decision-making too. Janne won't be on the island but he's asked us to draw up our ideas for the steps; we will have the pleasure of seeing him, and Margaret, on Tuesday.

There's a lot of snow at Marcia & Rutger's house but apparently none on the island; that's Sandhamn this evening in the webcam photo above. I've started a new webgallery and I will update it over the next couple of days. Now I must sign off for Marcia's dinner of Brazilian coconut shrimp, which is bubbling on the stove as I type...!


Margaret said...

What's the name of that bench? We like!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say but the Melodfestival is first class torture, I'm sure I will not stand another!