Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Transition

I've found it hard to blog this past week since I've returned to London.

It's not a matter of having time. With the family still in Sweden, my evenings are free; all I have to do is watch season 5 of "The Wire". I have been tired all week; the heat here in London makes it hard to sleep. But that's an excuse. I realise now that I'm suffering from a bit of a letdown after the big event.

Today's the Wimbledon final, and it was the day of last year's final that Wille and I put the foundations into place, so I've been actively building this house for a year, and planning (and blogging) about it for nearly two. Over those years, a lot of my energy has building toward the celebration of these past two weeks.

And we made it; the house was done on time (albeit barely); friends came out to visit; the weather was great; and I had a super time on my birthday. All of it was as good as I could have hoped for.

So now I'm back in London, in a hot, empty house and I'm thinking: now what?

Short-term, I'll be back next weekend for a 3-day visit, and I'm planning a quick visit for the next garbage day in August. Sooz and I will probably be back in October during the week of Grant's senior trip. I still have to figure out what to do for the new roof, and for next year, I think a deck between the houses will be essential. So there will be projects to work on.

Long-term, we'll have to transition from creating to maintaining, and to being more a part of the culture and life on Aspö. The future won't be as goal-driven as my past two years, but I look forward to that transition. After all, I'm 50 now! Time to kick back and enjoy our Swedish house...

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