Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm leaving for Dallas for a couple of days this morning. I'll be back in London Friday morning and will connect right onto a SAS flight to Stockholm. This being Friday, I'll have a selection of boats at 3:15, 4:50 or 6:00 to catch. (If it was any other day of the week, I'd have only the 3:15, making such a connection almost impossible).

Sooz is going into Stockholm with Margaret for the night tomorrow, leaving Grant and Ollie as island bachelors. That should be interesting! I'll have to ask Grant to blog about that experience.

I'll leave Aspö Monday evening after a 4 day weekend, and then the rest of the family will load up the car a couple of days later for the long journey home to bring our first summer to a close.


Margaret said...

re Friday: Ann and I will either be on the 6pm taxi boat OR we may have a private boat, at approx 5 or 7pm. Call my cell phone on Friday when you get in and I'll be more in the know....
(Dave, kids and luggage will be on the 3pm boat)

Anonymous said...

Will the house stand Grant being there alone?

Anonymous said...

Grant will be OK, just dont tell him about the trolls that live in the rocks under the house!!!

Uncle E-vil