Thursday, July 9, 2009


Old eagle eye (Grant) spotted a MOOSE walking by our big window just now. Our first sighting!! We were all so excited-and luckily Ollie was inside. She just strolled past in the dim light-as big as a horse- about 15 feet from us, just off the deck. She paused and looked at us (while we frantically tried to get a picture, alas unsuccessfully) and continued on up the hill.

It's been a big day in the wildlife department: first our resident pheasant came squawking by this morning, then a deer (A Buck? It had horns) ran up the hill around 6P and now this.
Very cool!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Can the moose swim between islands?

Don said...

Yes, apparently there's a family of 3 who swim between the islands around us.

There are a lot of moose droppings on top of the hill above us, so they must frequent the area.