Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yearly Meeting

Grant and I had the pleasure of attending the yearly Aspö residents' meeting down at the Midsommer Äng this morning. There were about 100 in attendance and the meeting was led by the Director.

After being asked to stand and introduce myself and Grant as new residents, I threw in a few key words in Swedish to show that I'm at least thinking about learning the language. Of the many topics discussed, most of which I was having trouble deciphering, the one that seemed to get lots of people interested was the garbage situation. It seems we are producing more than can be handled in a once-weekly pick up. Another topic I picked up on was the complaint that the warning sign down at the big dock looks like graffiti and everyone would rather have a more tasteful sign in its place.

It was a nice hour of practicing my Swedish listening skills and we also got to meet a really cute couple who are our neighbors: Emil and Sophie, who are building on the "south farm" site, to the envy of all. (It's a beautiful location on the water.) Unfortunately the old house currently on the site will be torn down, but not 'til next year now.

The rain of last night has passed and we are again enjoying a beautiful sunset.
Ahhh, this is the life!

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Margaret said...

You charmed everyone with your Swedish, Sooz! I was so proud ; )
Also thrilled that MY first meeting was also YOUR first meeting!
See you tomorrow,