Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Monday morning

I went to see Janne over some tax issues I need to resolve with the sale of the land. I obviously hadn't done everything I needed to do, so Janne made a number of phone calls on my behalf, and he gave me specific instructions on who to write and what to say.

I also have a package sent to me from the US which is in mail limbo right now. We got a note saying it is in the post office on Nämdö, but that office is closed so we're not sure what's up with that. So Janne made more phone calls, until he figured out the package is waiting at the post office in the ICA grocery store in Stavsnäs. So Sooz can pick it up when she and Grant leave on Wednesday. I hope.

UPDATE: The mystery package showed up on our dock this morning. It's a cool Bears pullover from a friend. There may now be another package in Stavsnäs; Sooz will check on Wednesday.

Tommy and Anders stopped by and we discussed their putting on a finished roof and also building a deck. I've re-thought the Ruukki roof, as it is more expensive than the more common corrugated type. It's a lot prettier, but the roof isn't visible on our house at all, so we can safely go with a more utilitarian (and cheaper) covering. We also discussed making a deck between the houses, which I am becoming more convinced is a necessity. They're going to give us a quote to do those projects.

The weather is great once again, sunny and fresh. It will be hard to leave at this evening!

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