Friday, March 5, 2010

An Update on Ollie

My boy has spent the day at the doctor's today. He had an MRI and a spinal tap.

Ollie had a strange episode in January, something like a seizure. It passed quickly and he was none the worse for wear. I thought it was related to his spinal condition; he had a check-up a few days after, with no problems seen.

But he had a second episode this Wednesday. So he went for today's tests. The good news is the MRI did not show any new problems with his back; this is a huge relief for me as I've been obsessing over that. However, the MRI showed a couple of tiny spots on his brain which might correspond with the seizures. So he had some spinal fluid taken to check for other potential issues. His doctor is puzzled but doesn't seem overly worried yet; we'll know more when the tests come back from the lab. He's home now with a big shaved spot on his neck and a bit of a dazed look from the anesthetic. We'll know more about his diagnosis later next week.

For now, we'll just give him lots of love and attention, which is something at which we have a lot of practice.