Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new photo is in!

Ronnie, bless him, is back on Aspö today and trekked right over to our house. He sent Sooz this photo via Facebook, and reported there's thankfully very little snow on our roof. We talked to Wille and canceled the snow removal visit he had planned.

Margaret and Janne are supposed to be returning from Florida today (unless they've been watching the weather forecasts and exchanged their Swedish residency for Floridian permanently...)

Even though Ronnie said I'd have to use skis to make it to my front door, I wish I was there today!!!


Margaret said...

We're back and it is a beautiful day in Stockholm today, but I am still more than ready to become a permanent Floridian! Picked up a miserable head cold thanks to the some 100 coughers and sneezers on the long flight so will spend today recovering and will be in touch with y'all again tomorrow! xxM

LambAround said...

Brrrr! This looks a little too cold for my taste (I live in Albuquerque and think it's too cold here - it's 59 today!)
Thanks for sharing :)

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Anonymous said...