Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The walkway

I have posted in the past about having a path or deck between the two houses. Jesper and I talked last fall (when he did the roof) about his coming back this spring to build it.

I sent him a detailed sketch and he gave me a list of materials for me to order and carry up this April, just like I did last fall for the roof work.

However, I talked to Jesper today and he's not able to do the work for me, at least not before midsummer as I had planned. His business has lost a few workers and has gained a lot of new work, and he's not able to fit us in quickly enough. That is a real bummer, as now I have to try to find someone new who could build for me in the pre-midsummer building peak.

I've spoken to Janne and Wille today and both of them are going to ask around on my behalf to see if they can find anyone able to do this for me at a decent price.

Jesper told me about a website, brabyggare.se, (literally, "good builders") which is a kind of construction auction site. Homeowners like me post about the kind of work needed, with time and cost criteria, and builders return with a quote. It's free, and it looks like it has a lot of traffic, so Sooz helped me with my Swedish and I put up a request for someone to come to Aspö and build my deck.

I'd much rather do business with a person Janne or Wille recommends, but this might be a fun experience. I'll be sure to post about any replies I receive.