Friday, April 16, 2010

Eurovision #6: Finland

Here's the Finnish duo Kuunkuiskaajat (which translates as "Moonwhispers") with their song Työlki ellää (slang meaning "One can work for a living, too"). Over a million Finns watched the final. I'm not sure about this one, either. The lead singer is holding an enormous accordion, which I find distracting. It's like she has a refrigerator on her chest. And her hair? She's trying to look like a praying mantis? Let's not mention the backup singers and their little dance break.

Finland does have recent history in the Eurovision song contest. They won for the first time in 2006 with Lordi, a heavy-metal band who perform in elaborate costume. The video of their winning performance is here. After their victory, I saw a reporter ask the lead singer about the huge number of fireworks in their act. The lead singer replied, in his latex mask, that they had taken up collections from fans during the summer hard rock festivals circuit. I just love that thought.

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