Saturday, April 3, 2010

The IKEA order

I had mentioned in February our spring IKEA order. Click the image to see our shopping list in all its detailed glory.

It's time to get a bit of colour into the house, so we've ordered a big square rug, some red and yellow shelves with matching lamps, shelving for the little house, and a corner bathroom cabinet.

But just like the rest of our April trip, there's a problem. The cabinet can't be picked up in the store; it has to be delivered at a cost of 500kr. No problem, I say, we can just add all the other stuff and make one big order.

That's too logical, though. IKEA says the non-warehouse stuff is a second order and another 500kr. Rutger called on my behalf and used all his negotiating skills to no avail. So now we're talking a 1000 kronor delivery charge on a 5757kr order. And that's just to Stavsnäs. Then I have to pay again to get it to Aspö. Arrgh.

So now we're on to plan B. I'm going to order the bathroom cabinet here in the UK. The total cost and delivery to my house is a lot less than the cabinet alone in Sweden. I'll check it as luggage on SAS when we go in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Marcia is going to take my shopping list and pick up the remaining stuff over the upcoming days. Then Rutger will lend us his Volvo and we'll drive it all down to Stavsnäs ourselves.

The only kink in this plan is if the Waxholms boat will allow us to carry all this onboard. I'm not too worried; I've seen a lot of stuff go on those boats in the past, and if my charm and negotiating skills fail, I can leave the offending items in Rutger's car (which we couldn't have done had we taken the bus). We'll see how well this goes!