Saturday, April 3, 2010

Skatteverket the name of the Swedish tax authority. Today, at last, our tax returns arrived in the post. Sooz and I each received a mailing; the house, and our bank account, is 50-50 in both our names.

We were given a little pamphlet in English for "people who live in another country". Reading through the documents, it's clear we have to file a return as we own a property in Sweden. It appears, though, that's all we have to worry about as we have no other income in the country.

All the pre-filled areas on the return show zero, so I just can't hit 'send' on the internet. I'm sure we have to pay taxes on our house in some fashion! From what I can tell, we would owe 6,362kr in municipal tax on a detached dwelling.

I've made a scan and will email the documents to Rutger for his advice. But I won't do it today as it is his birthday and I'll give him the day off. Happy birthday, buddy!