Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Further IKEA Progress

I posted a little while ago about trying to sort out getting our (hopefully) last sizable IKEA order. I did end up ordering the corner cabinet here in the UK and had it delivered to me for £92, which is about 1000kr, a lot cheaper than the 1790kr quoted for the same thing delivered to Stavsnäs.

Rutger stopped by on Sunday when he was in town on business, and he carried back half of the cabinet yesterday. I'll check the other half as baggage when we go in a couple of weeks. It does seem odd, though, carrying an IKEA cabinet into Sweden!

As for the remainder of our order, Marcia and her friend Ursula went to IKEA and successfully bought everything else. They good-naturedly sent a few photos of the whole mass they purchased on my behalf. (I owe Ursula coffee and a bullar on our deck this summer!) Marcia will keep all this stuff in their garage; I'm sure Rutger will be grumpy, but it won't be there for long.

I've also decided to get a taxi boat for ourselves when we go out on the Thursday. We have a lot of stuff already, and Rutger is lending us his car, so we're going to load it up as much as we can. Sooz and I will stop at the ICA grocery store in Gustavsberg on the way down to stock up on bulky stuff and perishables. I also want to buy a big ladder of our own, too.

Hopefully, when we show up for our midsummer holiday, all we'll need is the clothes on our back and a few coolers full of fresh food.