Friday, December 3, 2010

Approach the Bench

We had thought early on about having some sort of a breakfast nook at the end of the kitchen. Sooz and I kicked around a lot of ideas but never settled on anything. When we bought our little round table, we thought we'd tuck it into that corner, but frankly it's been moved around a lot during our stays there, and rarely stays in that corner anymore. When we bought our big teak outdoor table, we found ourselves eating outside the majority of time.

I don't have any specific photos of the area in question but here's a couple from last summer. I've added yellow arrows for clarity:
We've hit upon the idea of building a bench along that wall. The space is 140cm, or about 55 inches wide. Luckily, this is a good length. It's a standard size for bench cushions (although there are a number of custom shops out there, too). It is also just wide enough for 4 IKEA baskets to fit underneath. An extra advantage of a bench is that it's simple enough for me to make myself.
I like the idea of under-seat baskets, as we accumulate recycling and various other stuff in that area (just look at the photos to see what I mean). We could easily keep those things neat and out of the way.

When we go at Christmas, I think we'll bring along a couple of baskets (with Marcia, of course, doing the actual shopping for us) and measure everything carefully so I can be ready to get the wood and install next spring. I'll leave the cushion choice to Sooz, though!


Dawn said...

Excellent idea! I have seen this same idea in a house in Texas and it was great. Not only practical seating-wise but each basket was assigned to a family member to keep shoes in. Her husband built it from a plan he got from Southern Living magazine. I remember her saying that in hind sight they should have bought the baskets first and then made the bench around them instead of the other way around as she didn't realize how hard it would be to find baskets to fit the space.

Margaret said...

and if you want to make your life easier, IKEA sells that bench with the baskets : )
but perhaps you've whet your building appetite!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Margaret! Make your life easier.