Saturday, December 11, 2010

Renewable energy

One thing I've found during my time in Texas is that energy usage is not viewed the same way as it is in Europe. I'm used to talking about it in terms of climate change, sustainability, the carbon footprint, etc.

Here in Texas, the lead story on the morning news was the rise in the price of a gallon of gas (to $2.75 a gallon, as opposed to $7.45 in the UK). It's all about consumption rather then conservation, which to be fair, might be expected in a oil-producing state. (I do drive past a gas well on my way to work every day).

The New York Times published an article today about the Swedish city of Kristianstad, who decided to change their energy usage from fossil fuels to a sustainable model. It's taken some work, but the city now gets their energy from local, renewable sources.

There's one great renewable energy source on Aspö: wood. Most every house has a big stack of firewood outside, and a fireplace inside. I've looked at fireplaces a lot over the years, and our stay last October would have been a lot more comfy with a roaring fire. One day, we'll have one...

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