Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weather, etc.

Lots going on this morning, weather-wise.
  • The trouble at Heathrow is well documented these past few days. I find it amazing that one of the biggest airports in the world can't clear both runways after one 6-inch snowfall. At the moment, our flight on Thursday evening is still operating, and the forecast the next few days is favorable, so I'm still confident we can make it to Sweden.
  • I called Janne just now and he was at our house! He said the bathroom was nice and warm and he was turning on the heat, as it was -10°C. He was also shoveling the deck a bit; he estimated about 70cm of snow there.
  • Skatteverket mailed tax forms yesterday, our first full year after registering our property. I'm pleased to report that our tax bill is zero! Hooray!

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