Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Sweden braces for record freeze'

From The Local:
"Stockholm is forecast to experience its coldest seasonal temperatures for over 100 years this week as winter weather takes hold of the country, according to the Swedish Meteorological Institute (SMHI).

Temperatures across the country are expected to drop to record lows for the first week of December, with the exception of the far north, with averages coming in 7-10 degrees Celsius below normal.

Stockholm registered -11 degrees Celsius at the weekend, the coldest November temperature since 1965 and the mercury is set to plunge further on Wednesday and Thursday, dropping as low as -15.

"It is far below average temperatures, which usually oscillate around zero at this time of the year," said Alexandra Ohlsson, a meteorologist with SMHI."


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you grew up in Minnesota--that -15 is equal to 5 above and you can surely handle that!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Bad Flashbacks to those Harsh Minnesota winters when we were young and the earth was frozen!!