Thursday, December 16, 2010


We're in the throes of our move from London; as anyone who has moved can relate, there are boxes all over our house. I'm responsible for the moving into our Texas home, and Sooz has the move out from London.

To complicate matters, we have one last big load of house stuff and Christmas presents to take to Sweden. We have, for example, a few 240-volt items that make no sense to take to the US, so we're carrying them to Aspö.

We've just found out about the weight of our items, which is pretty interesting. I had posted previously about living with less, and now I know the scale of the task ahead of us. The combination of our mystery box in Texas storage and our goods from the UK comes to almost exactly 10 tons of accumulated posessions.

Going through all of this stuff over the coming months will be interesting, to say the least. A simple summer holiday on Aspö will probably be just what the doctor ordered after that project!

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