Friday, March 21, 2014

Checking in

I've spent the past couple of days busy with small projects. Wednesday morning was fairly clear, so I repositioned the TV antenna. Annika and Olle told me they saw lots of water running down the antenna to splash against the side of the house when it rained. So I added a pole to raise it above the roof, allowing any water to stream harmlessly downward.

Of course this meant my cable was too short, so I had to reroute it, which meant more drilling, and going up and down the ladder about 50 times. Doing it myself meant I had to go back and forth inside and outside, taking off my snow boots every time. What should've taken an hour took me five! But I got it done just as the snow started to fall.

Thursday was another snowy day, but as the day progressed, it became warmer. (It was an almost balmy +3°C when I went to bed!) I entertained myself with building a fold-up table to the side of the kitchen counter. I intend it to stay folded 95% of the time, but to pop up to hold dishes when we have people over for dinner. It's an idea I cribbed from Margaret and Janne's house.

I am thinking about perhaps getting a cushion made to cover it, as we did for the seat, to complete the bench look. We'll see if I get Sooz's approval for that!

The heat wave is continuing this afternoon. It's 52F/11C as I write this. The island path, especially down by us,  is a sopping mess right now as the snow is melting quickly. On my walk, I found both of my wellies developed a hole, so my feet became soaking wet. I ran across Ronnie, working his wood chipper, and he loaned me a pair of good boots, which were a godsend.

Photos of all this are on my flickr page, of course.

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