Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Tuesday Jaunt

I had planned to head into Värmdö today to do a bit of shopping. The boat timings are good; I left Aspö around 1045, and was at the Mölnvik bus stop at noon. I had a bit over 4 hours to play with until I caught the bus back to Stavsnäs for a 1655 boat home. So I was away for about 8 hours to accomplish 4 hours of shopping. Not that bad a deal. There were no snowstorms in the forecast, so off I went!

The great thing about Gustavsberg is that it's really designed for those of us who live in the archipelago. There's every kind of store one would want: a Systembolaget for the booze, a giant ICA for the groceries, Bygg-Ole and Jula for building supplies, my favourite McDonalds, along with electronics stores, toy stores, a pharmacy, etc., etc.

Sooz used the Systembolaget's fantastic website to tell me what box wines she preferred. I was able to tell how much was in stock, and even what aisle it was on in my store! I was in and out in 5 minutes. I did spend a lot more time in the building stores, though. I had the luxury of walking through the power tools at a leisurely pace. What fun!

As usual, though, I bought a heck of a lot, probably too much, and I comically dragged everything onto the bus or the journey home. Fortunately, the bus and boat were both almost empty, and kind fellow passengers lent me a hand.

I wished I'd had a hand with my wheelbarrow home in the approaching darkness. I got my day's workout pushing everything through a few inches of snow and slush. Fortunately, everything finally arrived safely, and I was able to have a nice meal of Swedish meatballs and salad!

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