Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Melodifestival grand final!

The show begins in a few hours. I will update this post after the winner is chosen, but I wanted to share my predictions in advance.

The bookies really like Sanna Nielsen, and I do, too. However, I like Sanna because she looks a lot like Sooz, not because of her song. It's a pretty ballad, but frankly, a bit boring for Eurovision in my book.

Next on the bookie's list is Ace Wilder. She's the Avril Lavigne lookalike from the Gotebörg show. I think this is a much catchier song, although I'd like her to work on her costumes and staging.

I still have a soft spot for YOHIO. Swedes love their glam rock, and I think the band is tight and professional. I can see this doing well in the final.

So, what's my pick? My head says Ace, but my heart says YOHIO. I'm going to fudge a little bit and leave it at that.

UPDATE: The bookies called it. In a fantastically close vote (212 to 210), Sanna Nielsen won out over Ace Wilder. I almost got it right!

But then again, YOHIO finished sixth, so I can't give myself too much credit.

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