Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to Stockholm for Midsummer

We've had a fun but quiet few days. The weather has been up and down; we've had both drizzly and 50° and sunny and 70° in the past 48 hours. Britt and Ronnie stopped by yesterday and we had a sunny drink on our deck. They entertained us with stories of living on Aspö in the 60's and 70's!

I cleared more brush yesterday, concentrating on dead trees and branches. I spend a couple of hours generating a huge pile of wood, but the view hardly seems different when I look down from the deck.

We get lots of advice to take down more trees to open up our property and improve our view, but Sooz and I both like the fact that our house is pretty well hidden. We'd prefer to leave things untouched as much as we can. So I satisfy myself with a bit of pruning and cleaning, rather than clearing.

But I digress; we are doing a 'light' closing of the house right now, seeing that we'll be back in a month. We will spend midsummer with Marcia & Rutger and their friends and neighbours. It seems a bit odd to leave Aspö just before the holiday, but we've not spent the holiday with them in quite a while, so it will be good to do that.

My 'project list' is pretty short right now. I have decided on a project for when I return; more on that in a later post. For now, we're packing up for the noon boat to Stavsnäs...

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