Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hello from Aspö!

We're here and all is well. As usual, we managed to buy an amount of groceries and other stuff that was just at our physical limit of being able to transport up to the house! We needed the afternoon to recover from our exertions.

The house is in great shape. The biggest change is the painting underway. It's about two-thirds done, and I'm sure our painter will return tomorrow to finish. We are very pleased so far, the colour and workmanship are excellent. It will make a big difference to how our house looks. I've started a June Flickr page with a bunch of photos.

We spent today doing small cleanup tasks, and had a great fika with Olle and Annika, a tart made with Annika's own rhubarb. Olle gave us a tour of his garden; he has quite an array of vegetables growing right now!

An advantage of our spending so much more time here this summer is that we can attend more social engagements. There are a bunch of summer things we'll be able to go to, the Namdo Day in July being a prime example.

The weather forecast is excellent for the week. And, as a bonus, tomorrow, we get to see Janne!

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