Friday, June 13, 2014

Lots of stuff going on

It's been a fun few days. The weather has been super, up until a shower yesterday afternoon. We got to spend Tuesday on our sunny deck with Janne, who was visiting Aspö to do a few things on his way back to Florida.

We've seen the usual flora and fauna: toads, snails, every type of chirping bird, a rabbit the size of Ollie, and, for the first time, a badger, who Sooz spotted trundling by the house the other evening. We've heard a moose but no sightings yet. Lots of photos on the Flickr page; I usually put up a few every day.

I've been doing lots of little things, no big projects this time. I may do a deck upon our return visit; I need to talk with Rutger and Olle about that this weekend. Tony has a boat he can lend us when we come back next, so I'll be brushing up on my maritime skills if I'm not too busy woodworking or lumberjacking.

Marcia and Rutger are visiting tonight, along with Tim and his American girlfriend Ashleigh, to whom we will be giving an introduction to archipelago life. Holland play Spain tonight in the World Cup so we'll be cheering on the Oranje!

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