Sunday, June 1, 2014

Penblwydd Hapus i ti, anwyl Ollie!

Ollie after an early-morning swim today
For my readers who don't speak Welsh, the title of this post is "Happy Birthday, dear Ollie."

Today our boy turns 11 years old. Depending on how one measures these things, he's between 60 and 75 years in people terms. It's now safe to say that he's older than either of us, no matter how you measure it.

It is also 5½ years since his back surgery. From today, Ollie will have lived longer on his new back than his original one. I've written over the years about Ollie; I enjoyed looking back on the older posts, although, maybe in hindsight, I came across as a bit negative. The bottom line is that Ollie remains a happy dog who has had great love and care. He's doing really well for his age.

Ollie's surgeon, Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, obviously does fine work, as evidenced by our boy's continued good health, but he's also become a bit of a celebrity in the UK. Sooz has her radio in the kitchen tuned to BBC 2. I was startled to hear his instantly-recognizable Irish accent one recent morning. It turns out he has his own TV show now!

Tonight, Sooz is grilling lamb chops. We bought three, so Ollie will be in for a special treat. And if one would like to sing Ollie a birthday wish in his native language, Episode 8 of "Learning Welsh with Will" gives a perfect lesson.

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