Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm on my way!

First, we will be stopping by in London to visit friends. It's the weekend of the London Marathon. I won't be joining the runners; I ran it in 2001. (I plan to save my energy to run the Stockholm marathon for a fourth time, in 2020!)

We'll fly to Stockholm in a few days, and then make the schlep to Aspö with all our stuff in time for the Valborg weekend.

I always look forward to seeing the house after closing it for the winter. Ole and Annika have taken good care of it, or course, and I've received many pictures over the past few months. But being back again for the first visit of the year is a real joy for me.

I'll get a photo page up as soon as I can. We don't have any big projects, rather lots of little things going on. There will be an island cleanup on the next two weekends, and I'm looking forward to pitching in and helping my neighbours. Stay tuned!

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