Sunday, April 5, 2015

Palm Springs

We just returned from a short stay in Palm Springs, California. It was the first place Sooz and I visited as airline employees, 32 years ago.

Besides the beautiful weather and scenery, Palm Springs has reinvented itself as a center for mid-century architecture. Many iconic homes were built in the area after the war.

The most famous is the Kaufmann House, which has been restored to its original glory, although it isn't open to the public.

A vibrant design district has grown up, with stores catering in new and vintage "modern" furnishings and accessories. We spent a good chunk of time shopping there.

At our favorite store, Pelago, we bought a Chilewich rug for the stuga's kitchen, as well as new place mats and a table runner. I was glad to get out of there having bought only that much; the store was packed with a huge range of beautiful things!

I've put up a photo page for anyone interested. It is a gorgeous part of the country.

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