Friday, April 17, 2015

Party Lights, part 3

I've posted before about getting a ring of party lights for the stuga. I had said that I found a good product and planned to get them in the UK.

After a bit more research, though, I don't think I can do that successfully. These lights work on lower voltage and so need a transformer. That isn't usually a problem, but in this case, the power plug is integrated into the transformer itself. These kinds of transformers are called "wall warts" and it isn't possible to change the plug fitting.

Rather than mess with it, I found the same lamps in Sweden, for a bit more of course. Marcia has bought them on my behalf and they're in her garage, awaiting my arrival. Despite the cost, it is better to have the right thing when one is dealing with outdoor-rated electricity.

Now I have to decide where to put them! Sooz has some specific ideas. We will have to experiment when we're there next.

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