Thursday, April 9, 2015


The dark blue envelopes from the nice people at Skatteverket arrived recently. I've written before about my dealings with the Swedish tax authorities. Looking back, I was always concerned that my tax bill was always zero. That is pretty funny; most people would be thrilled with no tax bill!

Last October, I wrote that I expected a bill this year of 5-6000 kronor. I am ironically happy to report that I did indeed receive a bill this time, of 3500 kronor. So I was right about the timing, although the amount was about half.

In subsequent years, though, I think my bill will raise to the amount I was expecting. There is a period of transition from a zero tax rate to the full rate. Even the Swedish tax authorities don't give the full whack on the first year!

The rest was easy. I was able to file my taxes over the phone, through an English-speaking automated phone line. A few clicks online through my Nordea account paid my bill instantly.

If only my dealings with the IRS here in America were as simple (or as cheap!)

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