Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Euro 2008

What with all this house-building stuff, I haven't mentioned the European football tournament going on right now.

Every four years, the best teams in Europe play in a tourney that is second only to the World Cup. This year, it's hosted by Austria & Switzerland. Shamefully, England did not qualify, and in embarrassing circumstances (losing at home to Croatia in the final game.) It is fun traveling in Europe during the tournament; every country is really up for it.

Anyways, Sweden won convincingly 2-0 last night against the 2004 winners, Greece. Zlatan Ibrahimović (pictured) scored a great goal. The Swedish keeper, Andreas Isaksson, plays for my team here in England, and he kept a clean sheet last night. The crowd was a sea of yellow; I wish I could've been there.

For the sake of Marcia (Rutger's gorgeous Dutch wife), I should mention that Holland crushed Italy 3-0.

Update: My mother asks why no posts about Denmark? I reminded her the Danes, too, failed to qualify, under even more tragicomical circumstances than England's.

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