Thursday, June 5, 2008

A few updates

I talked to Janne today, he says it's a beautiful evening on Aspö. (Today, the sun rose at 3:38 and will set at 9:56. Gotta love those long Swedish summer days.)

He said the electric company has new regulations and want to charge me twice, once for the temporary box, and again for the permanent one on the house. Janne said something impolite in Swedish to that, and has instead arranged for me to tap into Tony's electricity for our use during the building. That way, we get one charge when ours is hooked up permanently.

I also confirmed to him I was coming out in early July and he said of course I could stay with him. He also suggested I buy and bring along a big wheelbarrrow with an off-road tire, which is how everybody moves their goods along the island. He's also going to confirm the availability and cost of the helicopter.

Stefan has successfully received the deposit on the house I sent electronically, showing that my mastery of Swedish internet banking is nearly complete. And I transferred more money today as the kronor snuck up to 6.04. Wow.

The one snag is Willie the builder; neither Janne nor I have been able to reach him this week, and we both have details to discuss.

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