Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lots of little things

First, Rutger called early today about the wheelbarrow to be sure what kind I needed- he's going to pick one up for me. And then Willie called and I told him I was going to be on Aspö for three days to help with the foundations. Willie will check back with Janne about ordering supplies and Janne will ensure they get sent to the dock.

We agreed I will be Willie's laborer for those days; I'm sure most of my job will be to schlep concrete up to the site from the dock. I talked to Ann this evening and she said Willie was welcome to stay at their house with me so he won't have to camp out. Bless her.

I sent Stefan an email about the full blueprints which Willie needs and Stefan replied very quickly they will be ready soon. Then I called Janne this evening and he advised me on the right type of wheelbarrow. Janne also told me he talked to Stefan today about the helicopter loads. Thirty or forty helicopter trips will take time- and money. So Janne discussed ways to package the house so the 'copter can carry the big heavy stuff and we can carry the smaller stuff ourselves.

Phew. I'm tired just writing this. And it's everyone else who did the work today!

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