Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Russia 2-0 Sweden

I'm posting from a sports bar in Moscow, a very interesting place from which to just have watched Russia comprehensively beat Sweden and send them home. I kept my Swedish support quiet, to be sure.

At least now there'll be no conflict Saturday night in
Marcia & Rutger's household! Most Swedes will be supporting Holland, I think.

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Margaret said...

Thought of you when I heard the result this morning - figured you probably had a blast with the Russians!
Spoke with Mauro, my favorite Italian at my favorite neighborhood café, he plays football in his spare time and his opinion is that the Swedes are too "used to things - they take things for granted and are not hungry for it". His advice: bring in younger, hungrier players. He says this is Russia's strong side. As for his native Italy, he says those players are also too old and "instead of Hungry, ANGRY."
Jeez, y'all it's just a game - for which all parties are being paid a small fortune!