Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Two Jannes

I called Janne tonight out on Aspö and Margaret answered the phone! She hasn't been on the island too much, owing to her dedication to her bookstore. But it's the Midsummer holiday so she's out there, braving the traditional cold & rainy weather.

Anyways, Janne confirmed the helicopter so we'll be using them for sure. We also talked about the transfer of the house from the trailer to the boat. Janne has talked with Stefan so we should be fine. Janne also has the electricity in place and will assemble the pump system next week. Willie has not spoken to Janne yet about the foundations, however. We need to get the concrete and other material ordered.

So then I called Willie and he reports poor holiday weather up north. He's going to call Janne to go over the supply order which I believe Janne will complete; he has the connections and knowledge. Then I arrive Sunday night and schlep it all uphill, using the new wheelbarrow Rutger's going to buy for me. Whew!

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