Saturday, June 14, 2008

Internet access

I met one of Sooz's friends, Kerstin, and her husband, Ulf, the other night. (You can guess they're Swedish.) I really liked Ulf. They have a summer place down by us and they were very familiar with the area of our little island. So we spoke all evening of Swedish archipelago life, along with other things of great interest, like new iPhones.

Anyways, Ulf mentioned that one could buy a wireless broadband modem and then just pay by the week or month, rather than sign a 18-month contract for 3 months' usage. I looked it up and he's exactly right. This could be a lot cheaper. Either way, I will sign up for sure when I'm there in July. Stand by for live blogging from 59° 13' 10.20"N, 18° 45' 42.54"E!!

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