Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from Stockholm

We are safely home tonight after a great week.

This morning, I spoke to Wille and we went over a few things. There was an area of dirt on our new floors, which was the one thing that upset Sooz. He is going to talk to his floor expert on the best way to clean them up. He'll also put me in touch with the bathroom guy on Runmarö. I want to be sure he's OK by Janne before I contract him to the task.

Wille really wants to finish up all the little trim stuff, and we have to resolve the door issues too. Stefan is on holiday this week and we'll both talk to him next week to get that going. We also talked about building out the garderobes.

Grant and I visited Mio, and Sooz, IKEA, to look at possible couch/table candidates. We have some good ideas which I will expand on in future posts.

Lastly, we are toying with coming back in early February when Grant is on a school trip. Perhaps we can order the furniture and spend a day or two in the house, especially if Janne turns on the heat a day in advance!

We had a super time with the Wilhelmis; it was hard to leave. I'll get a family webpage up soon.

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Ann-Catrin said...

We wish the Langford family A Happy New Year! Ann-Catrin o Tony