Monday, December 15, 2008


I exchanged texts with Wille- he isn't going out as planned today, and is now shooting for Thursday. I told him I was disappointed, that I was anxious to finish up all the outside stuff in advance of the winter.

I can see why his urgency is less than mine; after all, we won't be spending any significant time at the house until April. But I've managed lots of projects and all of them have a deadline of some sort. And we can't leave the house 93% done indefinitely.

So we talked and I reminded him we were going to be out to the house on the 27th and that I wanted to be sure we finished up by then. He understands and is on the case. I'll report back later in the week- and we'll be out there in only 12 days to see everything ourselves!

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Margaret said...

Wow. Your patience-level is better than mine. Your not spending time there till April isn't the important thing, protecting the house NOW is.
Janne was disapointed in this as well; he says it is brilliant warm sunny weather out there today - for later in the week who knows.
We feel badly for you guys and truly hope this gets fixed & finished soon!