Sunday, December 21, 2008

Preparing for our trip

We're packing up all our stuff today; what with Christmas presents and house supplies, we're going to have 3 boxes and 2 suitcases!

We just took Ollie for a walk, he's able to be out for a few minutes to get a little exercise and sniff around his old haunts, which he clearly enjoys. His recovery is progressing, although his back legs are still wobbly and he tires quickly. Tomorrow morning is another swimming session, and then he's going to spend the week with Ethie, his dogsitter, who loves and cares for Ollie almost as much as we do.

We get in to Marcia & Rutger's late tomorrow night, then it's an IKEA visit on the 23rd, Christmas Eve with Kalle Anka, Christmas afternoon with Margaret and Janne, and Aspö on the 27th. I'll be posting during the week, with photos to the webgallery for sure.

UPDATE: It is the shortest day of the year, I almost forgot! Sunrise on Aspö is 8:50, and it sets at 2:52.

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