Monday, December 8, 2008

Good news today

I talked to Göran this morning and he reports the electricity inside is all complete and that he hopes I will be happy with what he's done. I was darned impressed with his first installation, so I am sure I will be this time, too.

I called Wille to report that good news. He's back in Leksand, and it's all snowy like a Christmas card. He's still coming to Aspö later this week, and we decided to concentrate on finishing all of the outside stuff, rather than completing the bathroom. The weather is still OK but the winter will hit sooner or later and we need to ensure all of the trim and other exterior work is complete so the elements don't gain a foothold. I'll talk to Jonny (the kitchen guy) about finishing the bathroom in the spring.

Wille also spoke to Stefan and it appears our doors were from a new supplier, who did not provide the correct standard. Stefan will arrange with the door company to have new ones fitted. For the moment, they seal the house fine but they are weathering very poorly.

So, progress all around! Jättefint!

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