Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Day in December

It's Sunday morning and Grant is making breakfast so I have time to recap our day yesterday.

We loaded up the families early (7 plus Archie) in both cars. It was a tight fit, what with the big boxes of radiators and lamps! But the Waxholms boat allowed us to take it all and we managed to hike the load up to the house with a great deal of effort, but no real trouble.

Tim and Grant went to shoot their air rifles, Camille and Marcia assembled the lamps, Rutger and I worked on general assembly and installation, and Sooz filled the kitchen cabinets with implements.

After a few hours, we managed to heat up the house enough to take off our coats at least (although Archie needed Marcia's lap to warm him up). Our decision not to spend the night was validated, because it was still pretty cold.

My drill ran out of battery, but I stopped by Ronnie's and he came to the rescue with his usual grace and provided tools and advice. I had the pleasure of seeing Britt, Jenny and Jessica as well.

We ended up leaving at 5:30 in a bit of a rush. I took far fewer photos than usual because we were so busy, but there is still a decent selection in the December gallery.

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