Saturday, May 8, 2010

Black Helicopters

One would think that living so far off the beaten path would make it less likely to be buzzed by low-level helicopters. But no.

At first, I thought it was the air ambulance, but this chopper just hovered around our property for a few moments and then moved on. After talking to Janne that night, we realized it was operated by Vattenfall, the electric company. Now that the snow has gone, but before the trees begin to leaf, it's the best time of year to observe power lines and trim any encroaching growth. We saw evidence of trimming off the main path near the midsummer dock, a bunch of branches had been cut and stacked neatly below one of the power lines.

It was strange to have a helicopter appear out of nowhere on such an otherwise quiet day. At least they weren't playing Wagner.

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expateek said...

Ha ha! Wagner! Great film reference, you dog you!