Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Bookie's Favourite

It's been a while since I posted about Eurovision, but the contest is only 3 weeks away, so I'd better get back on track!

I looked at the betting for the contest and it appears Azerbaijan is the hot favourite. The song is "Drip-Drop", performed by the 17 year-old Safura Alizadeh. The Azeri final was different than any I've seen before. Three songs and three acts were chosen, and each artist performed each song. After the 9 performances, Safura and Drip-Drop were named the winner.

This is a classic Eurovision song, for sure, and Azerbaijan will likely benefit from block voting in the Russian republics. The bookies may have something here!

UPDATE! I found a more recent performance, and it's interesting to see how the staging of the song has changed. It does fix a problem with the backing dancers in the original video that a friend spotted today:


Margaret said...

I made it through the first 30 seconds but found her gasping intake of breath annoying. That probably went away once the song kicked into high gear (I'm only guessing - did it?) but still...
I hope you will be blogging live through the show; that'll be my way of watching!

Don said...

Oh don't worry, Marg. I'll be online, promise!