Thursday, May 13, 2010

The World Cup

I've mentioned that I brought a TV out to the house. I should come clean now about why I wanted one for the summer: the World Cup.

It's hard to explain to Americans what a big deal the World Cup is. It really does take over most everyone's daily life during the tournament. Imagine a Super Bowl every day for a month, culminating in a Super Super Bowl at the end.

We will be on Aspö during most of the World Cup. The first match is June 11, and the quarter-finals will be during our last weekend there. The games are on free TV almost everywhere in the world; Sweden is no exception, so I'll be able to watch with no problem.

A key match for me is England vs the United States on June 12, which is before we leave, but we'll be in Sweden to watch England play Algeria on the 18th. The Netherlands play Cameroon on my birthday, and I am sure Marcia will be in her orange shirt.

Sadly, Sweden won't be participating this year. They didn't qualify for the finals, being pipped, annoyingly, by the Danes. There is no love lost at all between those two countries, especially in terms of football. Should Denmark go on a run in the tournament, I plan to keep my Danish heritage quiet, at least while I'm on Aspö.

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