Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little jaunt among friends

I am very excited because tomorrow my pal Susan and I are heading off to the stuga, just us girls. I have never been out there without The Menfolk and I wanted to see just how easy it could be. As a reconnaissance mission of sorts, paving the way for future forays from fearless friends, I knew I could count on Susan to be up for the adventure.

We leave in the morning, not as early as originally hoped, since BA threw a wrench in the works in the form of a potential strike and they canceled our 7am flight. No strike now, but just enough chaos to mess up our plans. I wanted to take Susan to visit Östermalms Saluhall or Gamla Stan on our way to the bus-maybe we can do it on the way back on Friday?

So now, it's an exercise in precision timing. The plan is to leave Heathrow at 1130, get in at 1500, take the flyggbuss into town, get the bus at Slussen, get off at the ICA in Stavsnäs to buy some provisions for the next 2 days, and then board the taxibåt that I've scheduled for 1800.

Then, it's up to me to open up the house and get it livable, which actually is very straightforward, especially since Don and I were just there a month ago.

Hopefully we will have nice weather for our mini-break (ie no rain!) and maybe see a moose at some point. No other plans except to hang out and enjoy life. Oh, and tick off the items on the "to-do" list that Don has given me.

But the main purpose of this trip is sharing a little time with a great friend. I am hoping Susan will love "our" glorious little island as much as we do!

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