Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Stavsnäs Webcam

There's a webcam on a personal page of a Stavsnäs resident to which I have linked in the past; it's also one of the permanent links along to the right. It's fun to look at it to get a sense of the weather.

When we arrived back in Stavsnäs last weekend, our boat captain told us the bridge on the Stromma canal was out, causing a big traffic back-up. We decided to wait out the traffic and stop at the local ICA to return our recycling. I decided to get my MacBook out and track down that webcam.

It didn't take long; I went to the page, and sure enough, there I was in real-time, walking along, holding my computer. That's me in the photo. I thought about trying to find the person with the website, but I chickened out. It was fun to do, though.

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Margaret said...

in the news today...a woman driving from Stockholm to Stavsnäs ended up in the water...but was saved by a man who witnessed the accident. I've been waiting for this to happen with the BUS for the longest time!