Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bits & Bobs

It was fairly cloudy (as forecast) this morning so I tried to read a book but couldn't hold still! So I made a little shoe rack out of the cornucopia of wood under the house. It holds six pair of shoes, maybe 4 if they're all Grant's. I'm quite pleased, even though it's something a competent 10 year old could probably do better.

Sooz took an inventory of our Cinderella paper bags, and found to our surprise there are only 37 left! It seems hard to believe we've gone through over 450 of them, but we have used the house quite a bit in the past year. I'm going to call Johan Monday morning and ask him to mail a batch.

I was also neglectful in mentioning my birthday gifts. Marcia and Rutger got me a cute bird carving and Marg & Janne provided me Swedish flash cards and a cool commemorative royal wedding mouse mat. I should also mention that my sweetie bought me an external 3G antenna for our internet connection, made in South Africa and imported by a company in Hull. A more deeply geeky gift would be hard to imagine. (EDIT: Actually, there is. I've been dropping Sooz hints the past few birthdays about one of these to no avail.)

She and Grant also attempted to update my style by providing a pair of trendy Paul Smith jeans. They're a little tighter and lower than I'm used to, but that's the point I suppose. Jury's still out.

We had some dark clouds and thunder around noon but it's clearing up now, so I can resume my work with the chain saw!

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