Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ollie's vacation

I had posted about Ollie's sitter, Ethie, having a hip replacement in April, which caused us to reschedule our Easter trip. I am happy to report she's recovering well, and is looking forward to Ollie being with her when we leave on June 16. That's a relief.

Naturally, we would prefer Ollie to be with us on Aspö, but it's not worth the cost and stress of flying or driving him to Sweden for a 2½ week vacation. Although we'll miss him, he'll be quite happy to stay with his old friends Ethie and her dog Dino, who has a touch of arthritis himself. The three of them will be a slow-moving group while we're away!

Also, we're celebrating Ollie's 7th birthday today. Coincidentally it's 1½ years since his surgery; he's having swimming therapy today to keep his back strong, and I think he'll get a bit of liver tonight as a birthday treat!

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