Monday, June 28, 2010

Our jaunt to Värmdö

...went very well. We made our boat/bus connection and got all of our shopping done, right on schedule. I had called Johan early this morning about sending us more Cinderella papers but he told me the Bygg-Ole in Värmdö sold them, and so he was right. Now Sooz can 'flush' with no supply worries. Fortunately, we were able to fit in Grant's haircut with perfect timing.

And I found a weed-whacker at Jula for a super price so I bought that, too. When we got home, Grant immediately went to work clearing our path.

I was also able to acquire a bottle of gin. Spirits are very expensive here in Sweden so I went to a lower-priced brand, which appears this evening to have the desired effect. Tomorrow, Janne arrives back on the island, followed by Marg, so we'll have a few fine dinners later this week, what with the good company and fresh supplies.

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