Friday, June 25, 2010

Glad Midsommar!

It's yet another beautiful day here on the archipelago, which is especially important for the midsummer holiday.

We went to the midsommer meadow at 9:30 and we helped getting the stång ready this year. Sooz gathered flowers and I, green branches with Tony. I even helped in raising the pole iself! That was really fun. I also saw Göran, our electrician, who's going to stop by on Sunday to look at a couple of my small requests.

Grant and I also helped Olle and a few of the manly neighbors to lift up one of his little outbuildings to a new location behind his house. Being responsible for health & safety at my workplace, I advised against the pre-move can of Carlsberg. (I did have one post-move, however!)

Photos and even movies of all this activity are now on the webgallery.

The big midsummer party was a bit of a letdown for us, though. With Marg & Janne away, we didn't have anyone to latch onto, so we circulated a bit, but didn't hang around too long in a big crowd of families and friends. Instead we sat on our deck and played Skip-Bo while listening to Michael Jackson. Still a darned nice afternoon!!

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